Prescribing Hints & Recommendations

Recommendations to consider when prescribing oxygen, including information regarding the different modalities are included in the presentation. It is best practice for all referrals to come through the HOS-AR Service via an agreed referral form and underpinned with a robust pathway.

pdfHOS – Prescribing Ambulatory Oxygen

pdfHOS – Home Oxygen Pathway in Acute Wards

pdfHOS – Referral Form

Home Oxygen Prescription Forms

The HOOF Guidance document describes how to complete a HOOF Part A or Part B and electronically email from a net account to the Home Oxygen Supplier. The Consent Form documents the patient’s agreement to sharing information as part of the supply of Oxygen by the Home Oxygen Service.

pdfHOS – Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF)

pdfHOS – Consent Form

Withdrawal of Oxygen Therapy

When at review people are found to no longer meet the criteria for home oxygen, this should be explained, the oxygen provision discontinued (order to gas company required) and other prescribed treatments reviewed. Where the person continues to meet the criteria but is not using the oxygen as prescribed, he or she should be counselled on the merits of the therapy and encouraged to increase usage to the recommended level. In the case of continued smoking, (by the patient or other members of the household),  education and expert support to stop should be offered. In the persistent smoker a risk/benefit analysis should be undertaken with medical review. In some circumstances it may be appropriate to withhold or withdraw oxygen because of public safety and risk to others.

Cluster Headache Pathway

pdfHOS – Cluster Headaches Pathway