Home Oxygen Interdependencies


Fire & Rescue Service

The Department of Health Service Specification: Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service (2012) states that:
  • The fire service should conduct an on-site safety check/risk assessment when liquid or cylinder oxygen is provided. Households where people smoke have a higher risk of domestic fire which could be potentially dangerous when liquid or cylinder oxygen is involved.
  • Fire services must be notified whenever liquid or cylinder oxygen is installed
The Home Oxygen Service: Good Practice Guide for Assessment and Review (Primary Care Commissioning 2011) concurs:
  • Fire services must be notified where oxygen is used or stored in a person’s home, especially where any occupant of the property is a smoker

Serious Incidents Presentations

The two documents below provide an overview of two serious incidents involving patients receiving home oxygen. Whilst professionals may not be able to mitigate fully against all risks, there were several lessons to learn and share following investigation of these incidents.

pdfHOS – Derbyshire Fire Investigation Presentation

pdfHOS – Lancashire Fire Investigation Presentation