The HOSAR Service is designed to meet the needs of people who might benefit from home oxygen. The aim is to ensure that home oxygen is appropriately prescribed to those people who clinically need it.  It should ensure that people prescribed oxygen and prescribing clinicians alike are well informed about the nature, scope and capability of the home oxygen service, and that provision is evidence-based, clinically-led and continually strives to improve outcomes.

The high-level objectives of the HOSAR are:
  • To provide a systematic and integrated Service
  • To provide easy access to assessment and follow up procedures carried out by appropriately qualified and trained healthcare professionals using appropriate diagnostic equipment
  • To reduce/eliminate waste and poor quality care, and strengthen affordability and value, through targeting the service on those who will benefit from home oxygen
  • To ensure a higher standard of clinical treatment and improved outcomes, through more effective and speedier diagnosis
  • To ensure that users of the Service have a positive experience of care