Treatments can be placed into two main categories:
  1. Pharmacological interventions
  2. Non-Pharmacological interventions

Pharmacological Interventions

Pharmacological Interventions include:

  • Inhalers – short and long acting bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids

  • Other medicines

Non-Pharmacological Interventions

Non-Pharmacological Interventions include:

  • Influenza vaccination

  • Self Management Programmes

  • Technology

The EMRP have produced some data detailing prescribing data for the region.

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We have produced a glossary of respiratory terminology:

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The COPD value pyramid (developed by the London Respiratory Network with The London School of Economics and reproduced with permission from the London Respiratory Team report 2013).

This 'value' pyramid reflects what we currently know about the cost per QALY of some of the commonest interventions in COPD. It was devised as a tool for health care organisations to use to promote audit and to ensure adequate commissioning of nonpharmacological interventions.

QALY= quality-adjusted life year