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Jack Blows his own Trumpet

A short animated poem of the importance of using inhalers correctly in Children by Jane Scullion and Monica Fletcher, Education for Health.


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The East Midlands Respiratory Programme have produced 4 videos to highlight the importance of inhaler technique for both Healthcare Professionals and Patients. Videos with a twist! 

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The following is a list of commonly used respiratory terminology:


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The only UK charity looking after the Nation’s lungs. With your support, they aim to make sure that one day everyone breathes clean air with healthy lungs. Whilst offering hope through research.

They have been researching lung conditions for 30 years.

Today, it remains at the heart of what we do.

Their aim is always to improve care - and to prevent, treat and cure lung disease.

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Make new friends who know what you’re going through, and learn more about living with a lung condition.

There are more than 230 Breathe Easy support groups throughout the UK, so you should be able to find one near you wherever you live.

Groups are run by their members and meet regularly (usually once every month).

Click here for further information and to find your local group.              
Patient and Carer Priorities in Respiratory Medicine Across E Midlands

Seen the results of the survey we sent out to Breathe Easy Groups across E Midlands in 2015? We sought opinion on the priorities to patients and carers with Lung conditions.Reassuringly, they fit with our priorities – but always good to check!

Check out the results-

pdfPriorities for People with Lung Disease Across East Midlands

With many thanks to the BLF and Breathe Easy groups