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  • Support your practice to implement Asthma Plans in all CYP with a diagnosis
  • Ensure practice is familiar with MDI techniques in CYP
  • Check inhaler technique each time you see the child for wheeze/asthma
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  • Anyone prescribed more than one short acting beta agonist (SABA) per month should be identified and have their asthma urgently assessed
  • Use of more than one SABA a week should prompt a review and step up in treatment
  • Know your local equipment
  • In moderate exacerbation of asthma give salbutamol via SPACER and mask
  • Use 10 puffs of MDI for an asthma exacerbation in CYP
  • Bronchodilators do not work in bronchiolitis due to pathophysiology i.e. No bronchoconstriction
  • Young infants with wheeze are common and generally do not need escalating treatments for simple viral wheeze. A good history is key.
  • Children less than 5 may need a trial of treatment or simply watchful waiting in the ‘Probability Category’
  • Vital signs must be recorded in children with acute wheeze
  • Use Oxygen Saturation
  • Give nebulisers in children with Sats <92%
  • No response to first neb at the surgery? Keep giving until help arrives
  • Do not send these children to hospital via their parents car
  • Get the diagnosis right
  • Role of steroids