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Children and Young People's Asthma and wheeze

This section of the website provides information produced by the East Midlands Maternity and Children’s Clinical Network.


Nationally there are increasing numbers of Children Young People (CYP) who are attending our Emergency Departments.

This picture is also reflected within the East Midlands, with a financial cost to CCG’s. Despite this knowledge, we continue to be alarmed about children’s health outcomes in the UK for many common and long term conditions. The overall UK childhood mortality is higher than comparative European countries and the key areas are relatively high infant deaths and deaths in CYP with long term conditions (LTC) – asthma being the commonest LTC. The majority of deaths in CYP from asthma occur outside hospital.

Against this background general practice is overstretched and younger GPs and most practice nurses may not have had paediatric specific post graduate training. A recent asthma review recognised poor recognition of an ‘adverse outcome’ such as death was an important avoidable factor in 70% and 83% of CYP receiving care in general practice and 33% of CYP receiving hospital care.

Early local audit reflected lack of understanding in referral pathways for paediatric advice (2014/15)

The East Midlands Maternity and Children’s Clinical Network work is trying to help improve:-

· Primary / secondary interface and pathway communication

· Update of knowledge regarding common children’s condition best practice management i.e. wheeze and asthma

Our GP Clinical Lead

I am a General Practitioner based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and I am the GP Clinical Lead for the East Midlands Maternity and Children’s Clinical Network. I have over 5 years of hospital paediatrics experience, in addition to 8 years experience as as a GP. My role with the Clinical Network is to promote and enhance the primary / secondary care interface. We do this by engaging with GPs across the East Midlands, conducting surveys, etc and by involving the secondary care colleagues to promote education and best practice.

We are currently working on urgent care pathways in children and concentrating on improving asthma care for children across the East Midlands. The National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD) highlighted the importance of out of hospital management of asthma and Primary Care (GPs and practice nurses) have a large role to play here. Asthma reviews in General Practice are largely conducted by practice nurses and our aim is to provide them with the necessary training and tools to conduct these reviews effectively.

Dr Rajat Srivastava