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See our Case Study on Inhaler Technique for useful tips and advice. In collaboration with the EM AHSN 

See our Inhaler Technique Videos which highlight the importance of inhaler technique for professionals and patients.

See a paper written by Monica Fletcher, Jane Scullion, John White, Bronwen Thompson and Toby Capstick: Is the ‘blue’ colour convention for inhaled reliever medications important? A UK-based survey of healthcare professionals and patients with airways disease

click here to download this paper

The UK Inhaler Group – a group of organisations which has come together because we want to see patients and the NHS get the maximum benefit from inhalers.

  inhaler collection
The EMRP have produced some data detailing prescribing data for the region.

For East Midlands Respiratory Prescribing – Selected Inhalers and Carbocisteine Click here